Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dried rose

Dried Rose Oil on 16" x 20" canvas $500

This painting was quite the battle but yes I am persistent and kept at it so for that I am happy, regardless of the end result although I really like how it turned out not exactly how I planned it but I like the direction I went with this. I think it's time for some much needed R&R, I think a trip to the Ocean is in order.

I thought now I would answer a question I Often I get asked and that is "How do I know a painting is done?", my thought on this is when I can't make anymore improvements to an area or the painting, I feel that a painting is never done, I have just stopped working on it. Which leads me into something else, when I show my work to artists or admires I may get a comment that you should fix this area or work this a little more, I do take in the information but never carry out any of the suggestions, not that I think that the comment was wrong. I believe the painting is finished once it leaves my easel, I could go back and fix paintings as my skills improve and I see things better but I think for me a least that on the day it left my easel it was the best I could do at the time, and to change it would feel wrong.

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