Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Brass Creamer

Brass Creamer : oil on 11" x  14" paint board $350

I love painting reds, especially against a dark background, just love the colour combination. I don't normally paint such a dark background but sometimes a painting just needs it. The design here probably could have been a bit stronger but I diverged from my original concept a bit, so to fill some of the negative space I choose to use colour instead of adding any other objects and it worked out pretty well. I changed my process a bit for this as well, normally I start roughing in the background and a bit of the foreground but this time I went straight for my brass creamer and the intense red reflection and worked outwards from there and then went back to the creamer at the end.

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Friday, April 04, 2014

Grapes with platter

Grapes with platter: oil on wrapped canvas 18" x 24" $550

 I wanted to create a companion piece to the last large painting I just completed, but this time I wanted to use more secondary colours as my theme, hence the vast amount of orange and greens off set with a little purple. This painting and the other one similar to this really look great together, pleased with how they both turned out. This one took a lot longer to complete compared to the other, I thought I was almost finished but realized my design needed a bit more work, hate when that happens, I had even drawn it out before hand, with a small thumbnail the design work but when I blew it up it just needed more. Any way all is good, lesson learned.

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