Sunday, March 30, 2014

happenings and things

Hey, I'm back. I actually didn't realize how long it was since my last post, thanks for hanging in there. So let's get to it, April 12th and13th I am participating in the Arts on the credit art festival in Port Credit, first time for me, it's held in the Waterside Inn. More details can be found here.  I have also included a free admission coupon for you to print at home and bring to get in for free, free is good.

I am also working on my latest painting,  a lot of color with this one I have had 2 painting sessions 1 day went great but the 2nd not so much, but that's how it goes sometimes, no worries, I just keep plugging away, hopefully tomorrow will go better. I have decided to work on a few larger pieces, this one is 18 x 24.


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