Sunday, October 27, 2013


For the last little while I have been itching to go attend an open life drawing session here in town, so Thursday I woke up and decided that this was the day, I searched my house for all my drawing equipment, after an hour I discovered  everything tucked away in the basement, I used to do a lot of life drawing but finding a venue can be difficult that is close by and during times I have a available. I was really curious how I would make out as it's been years since I have drawn from a life model, The model was very animated and had some great poses, as suspected I was pretty rusty but I managed to get into it and had a pretty good night.

The placement wasn't very well thought out as you can tell but not drawing the face allowed me to focus on some shading, form and edges that I might not of worked on if I had included the head so all is good. I was pretty wore out after this one so the next drawing didn't turn out at all I was a little heavy handed from the start and spent most of my time adjusting to that and in the end wasn't very good.

Anyway I am looking forward to going again this Thursday, perhaps once I get comfortable I will bring my paints along.

Until next time

Friday, October 18, 2013

Mini Gourd

Mini gourd and water pitcher  oil painting on 9" x 12" artist panel $250

I love this time of year, these little gourds are in season, so awesome to paint.

Using a limited range of colours for most of the painting I used 4 colours for almost all of it, to help with temperature changes I used a few more but very much , I tried to convey a sense of strong light coming from above. The under painting is a strong lime green and the panel was left really slick so a lot of the under painting shows through which gives this painting a fresh look.

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Hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Falling Leaves

Falling leaves 9" x 12" wrapped linen $250

I know this was a long time in coming, had a busy few weeks so I hadn't much time to paint in my studio.

I was shopping at the local art store and noticed they were selling wrapped linen supports, always wanted to try linen so I picked 1 up, really love the texture and the way the paint reacts with linen. Cost wise they are about twice the cost of canvas but worth it.

I went for a warm softer look with this painting, stayed mostly in the mid tone and kept the drawing sketchy and for the focus I put complimentary colours red and green next to each other to create a nice vibration between them.

Painting comes unframed and will ship in 1 to 2 weeks once dry to touch. visit my Etsy shop for details

Dave Froude