Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How is your week going?

So Art in the Park for me was quite good, although sales were not that great I did make a few new connections and who doesn't love it when someone compliments you on your work, I must have had hundreds of people stop by and chat to say how much they loved my paintings. One person in particular, this grey haired elderly woman stopped, smiled and walked around my booth, and turned to me and said, you know Dave, I am 90 years old, I am a classically trained artist from Europe, and have painted all my life and I must say your work is truly beautiful, much like the old dutch masters, she thanked me for reminding her of the earlier time in her life when she would visit Art galleries throughout Europe and said I had to visit the Museum in St. Petersburg. We chatted for a good 1/2 hour about art and life in general, then she slowly turned and walked away. Really made my day.

So to change the topic, last week I stopped at my favorite art store and they had lined wrapped supports for sale, 9 x 12, nice size and fairly reasonable, as a treat for myself I bought 1 to give it a try. Since I was busy I didn't get a chance to try it til yesterday. I really love the texture, small bumps and smooth, paint really lays down well, I was afraid of that, Linen isn't cheap but I think I found a new favorite. Here is my work in progress, just early stage of course.

Upcoming events for me include the Mississauga Art Society Fall show at Visual Arts Mississauga From October 4th to the 6th.

On October 9th I have 2 paintings in a group show called Late Fall 13 at the Tag Gallery in St. Catharines,
so excited about this one it runs from Oct. 9 to Dec 24, if you live close by, I would love to see you. This also means I am listed on their website, Sweet.

The address is:
214 King St.
St. Catharines
L2R 3J9

I will keep you updated.

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