Friday, August 30, 2013


Intervene: Still life oil painting on 24" x 20 wrapped canvas

So I was struggling with a painting for about a week and it was going nowhere but I kept at it, well I guess my wife got frustrated with me complaining about it and rush in and said "It's over let it go!" and she took down the setup I had set this one up in it's place, she then said"Ok get to work". I love her.

I had so many things planned, but before I knew it I was in front of my easel, just making a little change to this painting I had been working on, it was about 1/3 done this morning. Well, guess I underestimated the time to make this small change, 8 hours later. Life is good.

So just a little update on this painting, My lovely wife has decided she would like to keep this one, sorry folks!

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