Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Whoa is me

So imagine my disappointment, I have been working at my part-time job a fair amount over the last week, I set up a still life with some rose stem clippings and before I could sit down to paint it, the rose leaves wilted, turned out the little vase I was using had a small crack in it and all the water slowly leaked out, so I got another clipping and set it up again, this time using a different vase, and this time I quickly roughed in the leaves, did I mention it did it roughly and did a bit of work on the background but failed to work in some of the shadows as I planned to get back to it the next day, well that didn't happen so it happen again. So I thought I would pull up the photo to have a look and wouldn't you know it, I hadn't updated the photos. So any way here's is where I am today, Include is the setup with wilted leaves,

I have a new plan, paint everything else and then when ready add a new rose clipping, the poor plant at the side of the house there isn't going to be anything left of it. Hope it goes better, or I may have to scrap the whole thing.


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