Sunday, June 23, 2013

Friday paint out

Friday morning I meet a few friends near the lake here in Mississauga, at Adamson estate, and although the grounds are not very large  it offers many great views with buildings, gardens and a great view of lake Ontario. each time we go I am tempted to paint the peninsula just to the left of the estate, but just seem to capture it but I think I did a pretty good job this time. This time I took along a bunch of small supports to paint on, the atmosphere was pretty complex, the sky was hazy and there was fog coming of the lake, with sun shining through, the first painting, the key colour was more of a warm tone and I spotted this sailboat way off in the distance, the horizon and the sky blended together which made for a great setting for this one, lots of colour to see.

Sailboat 5" x 7" Oil on Artist hardboard Panel

The second painting, I managed to paint the peninsula, fairly well I think, the atmospheric colour changed quite a lot with this one, I had turned my easel around and the sky became alot cooler in temperature, but the sun had come out as was washing everything in a warm glow.

Peninsula 5" x 7" Oil on Artist hardboard Panel

 I was also involved in a paint demo over the weekend for Visual Arts Mississauga, was a fun event and met some great artist, I will post my demo painting, once I get a good shot of it.

Enjoy and if you would like to purchase any of these paintings let me know, I still deciding what to do with all my small paintings, as far as framing or display but then happy to let someone else enjoy them.
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