Sunday, June 23, 2013

Friday paint out

Friday morning I meet a few friends near the lake here in Mississauga, at Adamson estate, and although the grounds are not very large  it offers many great views with buildings, gardens and a great view of lake Ontario. each time we go I am tempted to paint the peninsula just to the left of the estate, but just seem to capture it but I think I did a pretty good job this time. This time I took along a bunch of small supports to paint on, the atmosphere was pretty complex, the sky was hazy and there was fog coming of the lake, with sun shining through, the first painting, the key colour was more of a warm tone and I spotted this sailboat way off in the distance, the horizon and the sky blended together which made for a great setting for this one, lots of colour to see.

Sailboat 5" x 7" Oil on Artist hardboard Panel

The second painting, I managed to paint the peninsula, fairly well I think, the atmospheric colour changed quite a lot with this one, I had turned my easel around and the sky became alot cooler in temperature, but the sun had come out as was washing everything in a warm glow.

Peninsula 5" x 7" Oil on Artist hardboard Panel

 I was also involved in a paint demo over the weekend for Visual Arts Mississauga, was a fun event and met some great artist, I will post my demo painting, once I get a good shot of it.

Enjoy and if you would like to purchase any of these paintings let me know, I still deciding what to do with all my small paintings, as far as framing or display but then happy to let someone else enjoy them.

Monday, June 17, 2013


Overflow: Oil on 30" x 24" wrapped canvas(sold)
Hey, how is everyone on this fine day, I can finally release this one, I painted this about a month ago, this is my largest painting to date and was produce for a national painting competition but didn't make the cut, no worries though, I like it so that's all the really matters.

I like the direction I was heading with this so hopefully once I get my current struggles subside I can get back to here.

Anyway enough of that enjoy, and comments welcome

Friday, June 14, 2013


Title: Nestled, Oil on 5" x 7" gessoboard.
Thanks everyone for your feedback yesterday, I am starting to make some progress although not as quickly as I would like, I have noticed that I find my focus for colour fades in and out, this happen yesterday, I was rocking along and then for whatever reason I wasn't able to see the colour information anymore or not as well. So When this happens again, Hmmm, I guess I will have to concentrate that much more when it happens again and just work through it.

Comments welcome,

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tipped egg cup

 Title: Tipped egg cup. Oil on 5" a 7" hardboard

So as promised here is my finished painting a simple still life, trying to get back on track, some things I like some I don't but hey I am not going to beat myself up over it, overall it turned out and better then most of my latest paintings so for that I am grateful.

Thanks for your patience.

Sunny Wednesday

Hey, How is everyone's week going so far, we have had about a week of cold wet rainy days and the sun has finally come out today, should get out to paint me thinks.

So I am currently in a major slump right now, the past 4 weeks I think I have produced 2 small paintings, or I should say I finished 2 small paintings, I have been painting mostly everyday , I have started many but get stuck part way through and end up struggling through them and eventually just scraping them. I was on quite a roll for a 6 months or so, so I just suppose this is the process for an artist but it's hard not to take it to heart, anyway I continue and perhaps this will work it's self out and I will get back on track but for now it's quite a struggle to even get a simple cup or apple painted, almost like I forgot everything I learned to this point.

Yesterday I took a step back and decided to work on a setup a simple still life and keep it small so I am doing a 5" x 7" painting, it's coming along. I am trying to just go with it and if it doesn't turn out well that's life.

Anyway have a great day and I hope to post something later tonight.

Cheers and thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Whoa is me

So imagine my disappointment, I have been working at my part-time job a fair amount over the last week, I set up a still life with some rose stem clippings and before I could sit down to paint it, the rose leaves wilted, turned out the little vase I was using had a small crack in it and all the water slowly leaked out, so I got another clipping and set it up again, this time using a different vase, and this time I quickly roughed in the leaves, did I mention it did it roughly and did a bit of work on the background but failed to work in some of the shadows as I planned to get back to it the next day, well that didn't happen so it happen again. So I thought I would pull up the photo to have a look and wouldn't you know it, I hadn't updated the photos. So any way here's is where I am today, Include is the setup with wilted leaves,

I have a new plan, paint everything else and then when ready add a new rose clipping, the poor plant at the side of the house there isn't going to be anything left of it. Hope it goes better, or I may have to scrap the whole thing.