Thursday, May 30, 2013

MAS spring show

Hi everybody, sorry no paintings to show at the moment but thought I would at least update you on what's happening, so my group show is almost at an end, last weekend was the opening reception, quite a few people came out to see it so that was great, One of my paintings sold that day, one of my favorites so that was great to see. My painting the Rule of three, I met and chatted a bit with the buyer, so happy for her, I sure she will enjoy it for many years to come.

I haven't been able to paint very much in the last couple of weeks, as I have been filling in at work for people who of off for various reasons, may have a chance to get out to paint tomorrow, weather permitting of course, if not I have a still life set up and ready to go, so I will have something to post soon. The other day I was looking at my paintings on my shelves and then comparing them to the events I want to enter and realized I have a lot of work to produce in the next month or two so I better get at it. In my last few events I have been in I have been chatting with my artist and art lovers and 1 common theme I get is I need to paint larger. Hmmm, thinking I may have to add a large painting a little more often.

Anyway that's it for now

Friday, May 24, 2013

Vase with grass

 Vase with grass: Oil on 11" x 14" wrapped canvas.

So here is my latest painting spent about 2 weeks on this one, on and off, due to scheduling, so portions would dry before I could I could properly work in my edges so I must have repainted areas over and over but I am at a point where I am just fiddling with it so it's time to let it go for a spell.  Does it work, I am not sure so what do you think?

Don't get me wrong there are things I like about this, colour variation for one and the colour temperature throughout the painting, I also love painting on a toned pink canvas, strange I know but there I said it.

This currently isn't for sale as I may put a little more work into later on, but I can easily be persuaded.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Red Tulips

Red tulips Oil on 9" x 12" hardboard $250

Spring is in full bloom here finally, seemed to take forever this year, I like winter but it showed up early and didn't want to let go. Anyway I went out yesterday with my friend for a little plein-air time and here is the result. Painting outside is still a little of a mystery but I am getting a handle on it. I plan to go out at least once a week but my main love is still life painting but it's great to get out and try something different. I would love to be on the same level in the studio and outside, guess it's going to just take time. Still I am pleased with my progress.

Painting will take 2 weeks to fully dry before shipping. Painting comes unframed but includes a small wood easel to display.

To purchase visit my Etsy shop here


Monday, May 13, 2013

Docked at the harbour

Docked at the harbour: Oil on hardboard 9" x 12" $250
After submitting a painting to a juried show, my painting friends and I went out to a local harbour to paint while waiting for the results, the weather wasn't the greatest out, cool breeze of the lake, the sun did come out every so often to warm us up a bit, because of the cool weather my painting has a bit of abstract brush work as I needed to work fast to stay warm. Just as I started working on the boat the crew hoped in and started it up but I did manage to capture it before it sailed off.

Painting will take 2 weeks to fully dry before shipping. Painting comes unframed but includes a small wood easel to display. To buy this painting visit my Etsy shop

Dave Froude 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Artworks Juried show

Hey what do you know, my painting "Empire" was accepted into the ArtWorks Oakville 14th Annual Juried Show, May 11-June 6, Queen Elizabeth Park Community & Cultural Centre, 2302 Bridge Road. missed out 2 previous years so 3rd times a charm I think the saying is. I was also having a bit of a dry spell with juried events so this makes me happy.

While I waited for the jury process yesterday I met with my west end painters group and we went out to bronte harbour to paint for a couple of hours, we setup near the water and painted boats and things, cloudy day with a cool wind, but the sun would come out every so often to warm us up a bit. I have a few tweaks to the painting I worked on but should post it soon.

Good times.

Friday, May 03, 2013

So my friend and I went out on Wednesday to paint outside along the Credit River, I painted 2 paintings but not a big fan of the 1st one so here is the 2nd one I painted. I managed to capture the light a lot better in this one compared to my paintings from last year so I am making progress, Enjoy and hey if you would like to own this painting to have in your home let me know I would be willing to part with it for someone else to enjoy.

Shallow River: Oil on Masonite 9" x 12" $250.00
To purchase please visit my etsy shop here

Enjoy the day