Friday, March 08, 2013


Title: Origin - Oil on 20" x 24" wrapped canvas

This painting spent a long time on my easel, I really struggled with it, not sure why that is at the moment but I worked through it. When I struggle with a painting I have a process to help me along, I only spend a little bit of time actually painting, I will paint for about 20 minutes then walk away for a bit then come back and sit down for another 20 minutes and so on it goes. This gives me a chance to really look at it and it forces me to stay on track, it also gives me the opportunity to change something that I might over look. 

I thought this would be a better approach then just wiping it clean and starting over or moving on the something else. This is why this one took about a week to complete compared to the last painting which was the same size which took 2 days.


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