Saturday, February 02, 2013

New rules

No new painting to post today sorry.

I have been brainstorming over the last day or 2. I remember the days when I would just setup a bunch of objects and get to painting, those days have been long gone, not sure about the rest of you but for me there has to be a reason to paint something nowadays, so with that in mind I have decided to set up a challenge for myself.

So the challenge is 10 paintings, and here are the rules
  1. Use a limited palette, Ivory black, Cad Red, Cerulean blue, Yellow ochre, white and 1 additional colour depending on subject matter.
  2. Start with 1 object for the first painting and finish with 10 on the last one, not including the surface things are sitting on, cause the first painting may be a bit boring other wise. This will include things like fabric draped around.
  3. Use the same objects throughout this exercise - depending of the longevity of a particular object it may have to substituted with a new one of course. for example a peeled lemon may not last so a new lemon may be required.
  4.  I was thinking of using the same size canvas perhaps 11 x 14 or so but I am sure about that what do you think? A small canvas may work for 1 object but not for 10.
So there they are, not sure I want to be to strict so that should do. My goal is focus on composition a lot with these, and of course really getting to know each object and how they relate to others.

On a side note I picked up a few sheets of Arches Oil paper yesterday, just like water colour paper but for oil, strange I thought but worth a try.

Well I better get at it.

Here is a painting I did a few years ago, made some great strides since then.

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