Wednesday, November 14, 2012

back from my Elizabeth Robbins workshop

Hey bloggies me again, So I just finished up a workshop with Elizabeth Roibbins and wow, can this women paint and turns out a wonderful teacher as well. The workshop was 4 full days of painting and instruction and tips and techniques, I learned so much from and her and I am really grateful I had the opportunity to study with her.

Her process if quite a bit different then mine so I struggled quite a bit for the first few days, I wasn't that concerned as I was more interested in the concepts then producing a masterpiece in the workshop.

Once things started to click I had an easier time of it, still my brain is full and may take months to digest everything but I have already seen improvement in my work, a lot of things she pointed out where things I had heard of but had no idea how to implement, or even things I had never heard of, like a light was switched on. At one point she pointed at one of my subjects and said see this, and as she said it it came into focus, way excelente.

Anyway enjoy, these are for sale please inquire in your are interested as I haven't added these to paypal yet.

 Apple grapes study 8 x 10 $225
Orange in blue 8 x 10 $225
Creamer and pepper 8 x 10 $225

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