Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yellow Plum and Peach

Title: Yellow Plum and Peach Oil on 9" x 12" wood panel

This one sat on my easel for the better part of a week and because I have been most of my painting outside of late, took a while to get this one finished. I thing I noticed about pain
ting outside is I have yet to achieve the colour intensity I can get with my still-life paintings but I am sure that will come in time.

The plum has some translucency to it which proved to be difficult to achieve but all in all I am happy with it. What do you think?
Feel free to email me here if you want to chat or interested in buying this painting. Comes ready to hang and shipping is included in the price anywhere in North America.
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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Still River

Title: Still River, Oil on 9" x 12" Masonite

Went out on Location the other day to a local park that the Credit River runs through, this portion of the river is a small section where it branches off from the main river and is quite low and muddy hence the warm brown tones for water, I was arguing with myself over this one as were all told water is blue so it took all my strength to actually paint it the way it was, I did add a bit of blue here and there just to make me feel a little better about it.

Currently this one is not for sale as someone has expressed interest in this piece.