Friday, May 04, 2012

Shinning Star

Title: Shinning Star, Oil on wood $150.00 Painting is 7.25" x 11.25
Overall size is Finished size is 11.75" x 16"

I finished this a few days ago but didn't get a chance to post until now. More metal and a apple. Hey so last night I met with a local art society here in town to have them consider me as a member and showed them some of my work and had a impromptu presentation and Q&A afterwards, 1 of my worst fears as a kid was public speaking but maybe I have outgrown it as I just stood in front of everybody and talked for about 10 to 15 minutes, my mom would have been proud god rest her soul. Mid way through the night I was asked to join as they were very impressed with my work, Cool. Once everything is official I will update you.

Feel free to email me here if you want to chat or interested in buying this painting. Comes framed and shipping is included in the price anywhere in North America.
Visit my website to see more of my work.


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