Sunday, April 22, 2012

Silver Waterjug

Title: Silver water jug
Medium: Oil on Masonite 12" x 16" - $400.00

So my lovely wife finally made it back from here travels, so I was able to upload a photo finally. Oh and it's great to have her back of course, no more cereal or hotdogs for dinner. I know what you thinking but when she is here I do most of the evening meals when she is away I just don't feel like going through all the trouble of preparing a great meal for 1.

 I have been working on Masonite for a month of 2 now and really like it the paint sits on the surface and takes so long to dry which of course brings it's own challenges but I love it for now. I do have a huge stockpile of wood panels to go use up first as I have run out of Masonite boards but I will revisit them again soon. Love changing things up now and then really challenges me to move forward. Speaking of which this week I will be getting a easel to paint on location so excited.

Feel free to email me here if you want to chat or interested in buying this painting. Comes unframed and shipping is included in the price anywhere in North America.
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