Saturday, April 07, 2012


Title: Persistence - Oil on 16" x 20" Masonite

So far those that have followed a bit of the progress with this one I named this one persistence, as I could have scraped this early on but I kept at it. I decided to keep the left side fairly minimal, I have to admit I really liked it when the left side of this painting was bare but thought it needed a little something, so I added the ceramic ball and used slight warm and cool colour shifts to break up the solid block of colour, which seemed stark. This really turned out a lot different then when I started and I was quite discouraged with it but carried on and I am pleased with the final result.

I have a piece of exciting news, every year the Arts council of Mississauga honors local artists in various areas of culture and the arts called the Marty awards, and I have been nominated for the Emerging Visual Artist category, not sure how significant this is but it is a pretty big event here in Mississauga, and hopefully gives me some much needed exposure. Page can be found here In the coming days each nominee gets there own page  winners of each category are chosen by the council but there is popular vote component for peoples choice award.

Feel free to email me here if you want to chat or interested in buying this painting. Comes unframed and shipping is included in the price anywhere in North America.
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