Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Marty Nomination Link

As per my last post Voting has commenced for the People's choice award for the Marty's here in Mississauga, and can be found here, So excited, the winners of each category are chosen by the art council of course but I guess they reward the person with the most friends, anyway you can vote for me if you wish or you can visit the website and check out all the nominees. I thought each person would get their own space for people to check out each visual artists work but doesn't seem to at the moment.

Not much painting going on right at the moment, but I had my eye on a few things, so in the next day or 2. I should have something to post, was busy today getting my entry form ready and selecting work for a few juried shows here in town but did spend some time experimenting mixing colours and painting little squares. Much needed exercise as I sometimes have a bit of trouble making that perfect colour.

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