Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Really it's Wednesday?

Wow where did the week go already, This past weekend I participated in the annual VAM members Valentine's day show, they added a new element this year, "Best in Show" which would be displayed for an extra week at the VAM headquarters in Mississauga. It was a nice event but again, wasn't selected for the best in show, a really lot of great artists here in town so there was quite a few nice pieces to choose from. Just means I still have some work to do. Someone I met while picking up my painting at the closing on Sunday said I should have been included which was nice of her to say as she has some really nice work.

Well, so it's Wednesday and I have yet to pick up a brush this week, I have been a bit busy with the business end of painting, picking up supplies and items to paint, and I joined something here in town called ALFEW (artists looking for empty walls) this membership allows me to participate in at 4 themed shows a year, ,mostly small venues from what I can see but at least this gives me chance to show my work on a regular basis and meet with other local artists and maybe generate a few sales here and there along the way.

So I think I will sketch out my next painting tonight and get to it, I have quite a few hours blocked in for painting tomorrow and Friday, wish me luck

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