Sunday, February 05, 2012

No one left behind - update

Well, I know I said I would continue on with my latest painting but upon much reflection and analysis of it I have decided that this one has a date with a camp fire at later date. Should burn up good too as I use wood panels with oil.

I have been struggling from the start and now I know why, I had been readjusting ellipses and perspective over and over and it just wasn't working out, I was missing the obvious in that it just wasn't planned out very well and it was doomed even before I started to paint. Let that be a lesson for everyone, planning is probably the most important step to any painting. Anyway I have prepped a bunch of new panels this morning so looking forward to moving on.

This week I got my letter from the colour and form society and was sad to find out I hadn't be selected to join there group, oh well maybe next year. Visual Arts Mississauga is holding there annual Valentine's day show this coming weekend so I am getting my submission ready today.

Talk to you soon
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