Thursday, February 02, 2012

Happy ground Hog day

Not sure what all the fuss is about I guess ground hogs have to be useful for something.

Been a busy week, did get some time to paint but not much, I started a new painting which was to be a companion to the last one, stacked blue cups,  but this time I am using brown cups, just to change it up a bit. as you can see below.

Just the early stages of course but you can see where I was headed, I have put a fair amount of time into this one, and stepped back and noticed most of my objects were not drawn very well, so I spent the next day or 2 fixing them and just sort of left it there, and I have been staring at it ever since. Something is still not right with it. Debating whether it's worth continuing or move on to something else, I do like the light brown vase with the orange butterfly so maybe for that it worth saving but not sure. Even now looking at it while writing this post I see a few more items to correct, hmmm. Gonna have to put the paint on pretty thick to cover all the old brushwork.

Anyway thought I would update everyone as to where I have been this week.
Have a good one

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