Thursday, October 06, 2011


Hi Folks.

It's been a hard week thus far in regards to painting. It started off great with a sale so I was in great spirits, thanks again to the new owner of one of my paintings. Currently I am working on a 11 x 14 painting of some more guards, which went off the rails really quickly, after blocking in most of the piece it just didn't work for me, colors and value just weren't working so after a day much fiddling and repainting I scrubbed off all of it. So I started again and again it just wasn't working but instead of scrubbing it off I just blended everything using a soft brush which created a nice blur effect. I then started to focus on some objects and again after a day of fiddling I scrubbed the object away that I was working on, But I am persistent if nothing else so I haven't given up, I may just chop this up to a learning experience and take what I can from it, sort of liberating, in a bizarre kind of way.

It's a little embarrassing at the moment so I won't post a wip until I can work out some of the issues I am having. Must focus!

I guess likes like that some times, Cheers
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