Friday, October 21, 2011

still life work in progress

Been a tough week for me painting wise yet again, having a bit of trouble concentrating for some reason, I started a painting earlier in the week but it went from bad to worse and then back to bad again, so i wiped it clean and grabbed another wood panel, seems like the more I paint the harder it becomes, maybe my expectations are getting higher, who knows. This one has been a tough fight as well but it is turning out a little better than the last, the photo is a bit washed out and a wee bit on the red side but it will have to do for now, still have to work out some colour but the values are coming along. Any thoughts?

On another note this week I met 2 people, 1 an artist and 1 an art collector at different times of course and both said to me I should have a show very soon, so it got me thinking, this of course was the plan after all but I always thought I wasn't ready or I need more work or what if I have a show and nobody shows up. 

I have been looking into various locations and think I found 1 that may be suitable, and I have to book at least 6 months in advance. This should give me ample time to prepare, So I may go ahead with it and have a show in the spring. I will keep you posted.


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