Monday, October 17, 2011

it's Monday

Ya it's Monday, another fun filled week of painting, dogs and whatever life tosses my way, so far so good, didn't paint over the weekend, a bit busy this weekend. I went on something called Lakeshore art trail here in Mississauga and talked to a few local artists which was nice and made a few connections. My latest art buyer showed up Sunday to pick her her new bundle of joy (painting of course), showed her my studio and all my paintings, she was so thrilled. She purchased her painting online so I was a little nervous that it may have not been exactly what she wanted but when she saw it for the first time she was over the moon. So that was a great experience.

Currently setting up for my next painting, saw this great yellow delicious apple today and brought it home, been about a month since I last painted one so I think it time once again. I think a compliment to "time to reflect" as I like to do a few of a similar subject.

I am also in the process of redoing my website again, trying to simplify it a bit, going so slowly.

Til next time

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