Friday, September 16, 2011

Time to reflect by Dave Froude

Title: Time to reflect
Medium: Oil on wood Panel 11 x 14

My good Ole stand in, can always count on an apple when looking for something to paint.

For those of you that visited my blog yesterday here is the final version of the painting I posted yesterday, and hey it even got a title. I actually didn't change very much, maybe it was the lack of sleep or someone came in last night and did some work on it for me, so thanks.

As I mentioned before I used Black gesso to start this on off and this allowed me to work my dark areas a lot faster and seems to suit my way of working as I can lightly work my dark colors and as I progress get  working with color and light I can apply the paint heavier as I go. Hopefully this connects with someone as I really enjoyed doing it.

I have noticed that some juried shows are starting up again, so I guess I better get cracking on some new works to submit.



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