Thursday, September 22, 2011

Still Life - candle holder by Dave Froude

Title: Intervention
Medium: Oil on 20 x 16 wood panel

This painting has no title at the moment and could use some suggestions, I thought about evil little candle holder but my wife just looked at me strangely when I said it. This painting is for an upcoming juried show, normally I work a bit smaller but the last time I entered a show with a small painting it looked overwhelmed by other works surrounding it and because it was small it was tucked into a corner. I guess size does matter.

When I set this still life up, originally I had a placed a white teapot in the center but my wife removed it and put this evil candle holder in it's place, I voiced my displeasure, even though I knew she was correct to do so, maybe I should call it intervention. Speaking of the evil item, I really had to work on this one, took forever to work through all colours, reflections and refractions, I think maybe she was angry with me for something.


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