Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gourds Still Life

Title: Gourds
Medium: Oil on 11 x 14 wood panel

Here they are finalized a few of my favorite things to paint, brass, gourds and ceramic. Worked a bit on the gourds and foreground this morning, and created a lot more contrast. I like the nice painterly effect I managed to pull of with this one. Which is quite a departure from the first time I picked up a brush again a few years ago, where I was more focused on creating a very tightly rendered painting, thankfully I got away from that and in turn things are looking a lot more realistic, funny that.

Not sure if this is for sale at the moment as I have a juried show to enter and still in the process of making my selections.



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gourd season Yeah!

Well Gourd season is upon us stopped by the local grocery store and they were everywhere, so excited I love painting these little things.

Finished my blocking in stage, I do get carried away when blocking in shapes so some areas appear to almost complete but I can't help myself. Still quite a few details to work out as well as some values, currently struggling with a few in this one but it's coming along, the colours are a little off as well so expect so changes, the image is larger then it appears here so if you want to see it closer up just click on the image. Should get some time tonight and tomorrow to finish this up I hope.

Till next time

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Still Life - candle holder by Dave Froude

Title: Intervention
Medium: Oil on 20 x 16 wood panel

This painting has no title at the moment and could use some suggestions, I thought about evil little candle holder but my wife just looked at me strangely when I said it. This painting is for an upcoming juried show, normally I work a bit smaller but the last time I entered a show with a small painting it looked overwhelmed by other works surrounding it and because it was small it was tucked into a corner. I guess size does matter.

When I set this still life up, originally I had a placed a white teapot in the center but my wife removed it and put this evil candle holder in it's place, I voiced my displeasure, even though I knew she was correct to do so, maybe I should call it intervention. Speaking of the evil item, I really had to work on this one, took forever to work through all colours, reflections and refractions, I think maybe she was angry with me for something.



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

latest work in progress

I don't normally show works in progress but because I haven't been able to post on a regular basis, I thought I should post something so expect to see more in the future. I have also been uploading at a larger size for you to enjoy.

Here is the latest work in progress started this one yesterday for a juried show coming up, pretty close to being finished, maybe another hour or 2 left. I should be able to finish this one up tomorrow night sometime. Have a good night. and talk soon.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Time to reflect by Dave Froude

Title: Time to reflect
Medium: Oil on wood Panel 11 x 14

My good Ole stand in, can always count on an apple when looking for something to paint.

For those of you that visited my blog yesterday here is the final version of the painting I posted yesterday, and hey it even got a title. I actually didn't change very much, maybe it was the lack of sleep or someone came in last night and did some work on it for me, so thanks.

As I mentioned before I used Black gesso to start this on off and this allowed me to work my dark areas a lot faster and seems to suit my way of working as I can lightly work my dark colors and as I progress get  working with color and light I can apply the paint heavier as I go. Hopefully this connects with someone as I really enjoyed doing it.

I have noticed that some juried shows are starting up again, so I guess I better get cracking on some new works to submit.



Thursday, September 15, 2011

apple w.i.p.

Hey there, here is my latest work, not quite finished so please ignore the grainy image as I usually use natural sunlight when photographing my artwork but the sun had gone away by the time I get to this point. I will be posting a finished version sometime tomorrow. I haven't settled on a title yet for this one but I will think of something I am sure. Like my previous painting, I started this one by prepping my wood panel with Black gesso, what a change, quite a difference to get used to but I do like it as I can get a sense of color and value straight away, reminds me of painting on black velvet. Dogs playing poker is next on my list.

Anyway enjoy and comments are welcome and look for the finished version tomorrow.

Friday, September 09, 2011

At Peace by Dave Froude

Title: At peace
Medium: Oil on 11 x 14 Wood Panel

I have been trying to expand my subject matter and try new things, and I have been having a great time with animals  so meet Taco, one of my Co-workers taking a break from play time, must of played pretty hard that day.  My goal for this painting was to keep it quite soft so kept brush strokes to a minimum by blending a lot with a dry brush to soften the edges as I painted, and omitted a fair amount of detail, as I was more interested in the mood then the likeness but it is a good likeness none the less. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out at first. found the back lighting a real challenge.

This painting is priced at $350.00