Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Focused Morning by Dave Froude

Title: Focused Morning
Medium: Oil on 9 x 12 Wood Panel

Meet Misty a little focused on something moving of in the distance, Misty was my Wife and I's first Cat early in our relationship. Spent a year at the Humane Society before we saw her and brought her home, she was 10 when we met and lived to the age of 20. She was a bit off though but still we loved her. She always seemed a bit angry and at least for me. The likeness is really good, for a first attempt at a portrait. My first attempt she looked a bit to angry so I softened the eyes a bit and also but a little emphasis on the eyes.

Currently this painting is not for sale, at least for the time being. So if you really like this let me know as I may be willing to let someone else enjoy this painting.


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