Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm Still here

Been a busy couple of weeks for me, been working a lot at my part time gig, turning out to be more of a full time thing, lots of people taking vacation time so that leaves me to hold down the fort I suppose, more than happy to do it as my dogs need me, but it does eat into my painting time. I have also been working in the back yard regrading the lawn as the level sloped toward the house. So nine yards of soil later and new sod to go on top and bam instant lawn, sort of.

I went to Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition this weekend, very inspiring, had a chance to visit with some artist and chat a bit, didn't want to take up too much of their time as they were quite busy but it was great to see all the great work, something to aspire to perhaps next year I will apply. If you read this today (Sunday) I suggest you visit if you are in the area. 1 Artist I really enjoyed talking to was Catherine Jeffrey, I follow here blog but here paintings are so much more vibrant and powerful in person.

Looks as though I have the rest of today and tomorrow to sit behind my easel finally, so look for a painting in the nest couple of days

Until then
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