Friday, May 27, 2011

Vase at a distance

Title: Vase at a distance
Medium: Oil on 10 x 12 Canvas panel

 You may have noticed that my updates have been a bit sparse of late, this is for a few reasons, one my morning job has been expanding a bit into the afternoons and over the weekends so this hasn't left much time to sit down and paint as often as I would like, but I have to pay the bills and my Dog's need me, so that's how it goes sometimes. The other reason is I have been going through a book I bought called Mastering Composition by Ian Roberts, which is great and he points out a lot of information to keep in mind while painting from start to finish which I had been omitting in my work, I haven't gone through the whole book yet but I have read has made a huge difference already in my last few paintings.

Here is another example, although the objects are a bit far away the point for me was to create a strong composition and value study, to lead the viewer through the painting. I think I will do this one again, but this time I will zoom in a little.



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