Friday, May 13, 2011

Cups and shells oil painting by Dave Froude

Title: Cups and Shells
Medium: Oil on 9 x 12 Canvas Panel

Finally as promised here is Cups and Shells, this one spent a long time on my easel, had a spot of trouble with values for a spell but I think I worked through it. Still may do some work on this in a week or 2 so I am not putting this one up for sale just yet but of you are interested in this one email me before I make any changes.

 I was out the other day and dropped off a lot of my objects I have painted over the years to goodwill and picked up some new ones, mostly shiny metal objects and some colored glass vases, as you can see I used a few here already, but I need to get a bunch more, can't wait to go back, I love hitting the Thrift store and such, really great stuff to paint and it helps so many people out.

Onward and upward

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