Saturday, April 09, 2011

Win, place and show

Title: Win, place and show
Medium: Acrylic on 9 x 12 Canvas panel

Yet another painting with Eggplants and limes, like I said I before, I tend to get fixated on things. This title has  more then 1 meaning for me, Friday was the opening on the Beaux-Arts juried show in Brampton, where I had a piece in the show, and this was my first juried show I have made it in to so I was really excited to see my work hanging with other great works, I didn't receive any awards or anything but that's ok with me as I got to meet some really great artist and talked a little shop of course.

I see a real change in my work in the last month or so, for the better I think, I have been paying attention to brush work and contours also trying to keep things simplified. I have also been trying to keep my palette very limited for each painting, which seems to work out better. 


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