Monday, February 07, 2011

So sad

Hello, everybody, I noticed I have been gaining more followers and visitors to my blog, which is great, means I am on the right track.

I didn't get an opportunity to get any painting done in the last 5 days, I work in the mornings at Dog Guides of Canada in the kennels looking after 70 or so dogs, it's hard work but I love doing it, and a dog I really liked became available so I thought I would bring her home to see if she would fit nicely in our home. She was a great dog and very obedient and well mannered but she is a border collie and unfortunately she needs quite a bit of attention, far more then I could offer her so it was with a heavy heart I had to take her back.

This was a hard decision to make of course but I thought it best for the both of us. So sad. But I know she will be easy to place, and I will get to see her everyday until she is adopted out.

It's early morning here so I am getting an early start on my next painting so I should have something to post later today or tomorrow, so check back soon.

Enjoy your day.
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