Thursday, February 10, 2011


Title: limey
Medium: Acrylic 10 x 12

I must say first off that my wife isn't a big fan of this painting, not because of the way it is painted, but for some strange reason she really hates stainless steel bowls and is angry that I set this one up in front and put the lovely lime green coffee mug in the back and it is being hidden which is creating tension for her. I think to appease her I will do another painting with the green mug up front.

I am happy with this one, each brush stroke went as planned, I didn't have to rework any area with this painting which doesn't happen very often. The glass turned out very nice and I think I will try and focus on colored glass for a few more works, perhaps a series with bottles and vases.

on another note I have entered a painting into the Visual Arts Mississauga Valentine's show and sale which starts Friday Feb. 11, it will be neat to see my work hanging on a wall next to other artists work, so excited.

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