Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hungarian Folk Pottery Jug and flowers

Title: Hungarian Folk Pottery Jug and flowers (NFS)
Medium: Acrylic 10 x 12

First off I must give credit to my wife for this one, I spent the last 2 days in a daze wondering around the house aimlessly like a zombie looking for my next subject to paint, had a few ideas but wasn't really sold on anything. I think my wife got a bit fed up with me and grabbed a few things and said "here paint these", and proceeded to set them up the way you see them here. I think taking a few days to unwind really helped me focus today as this one flowed really nicely for me not much in the way of any hiccups or doubt.

I like this painting a lot, which I don't say very often, and I have been experimenting a lot the last few months but this style seems to suit me best.

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