Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy new year!

Hi folks,

I hope everyone had a great and safe new year's eve and didn't wake up on New years day wondering what happen the night before.

I did manage to squeeze in a painting over the last 2 days, and have also set up the next painting, I like the direction my work is heading at the moment, while to do tend to struggle with them I am seeing progress and think I will stick with my current subject matter for the foreseeable future.

This painting turned out ok, not exactly what I thought it would turn out like in my head but still ok, I noticed once I had finished that the drawing got away from my a bit and the transparent green glass looks a bit lopsided, this isn't the first time this has happen, not sure why that is, as it didn't start out that way. I think I have to remember to step back and look at my paintings as I work, to keep this from happening.

I loved painting this one because of the transparent green glass, the shadow it cast was really cool against the little jug and the dark blue shadow, almost like it was a light source.


Acrylic painting
Title: Is it really Greener over there? 10 x 12
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