Thursday, January 06, 2011

Cups and Bowls

I was out picking up some supplies today and went through the oil paint section in the local art store, didn't buy anything just yet, had a look around and was thinking about picking up some water mixable oil as my studio is pretty close to my living quarters down the hall and I remember when I was younger using oil and the smell from the thinners and paint itself can be over powering to some. So I still need to investigate some more as there are a few brands to choose from.

Well, I am still on my dishes kick as I still have quite a few objects that I picked up at the thrift store the other week,  this painting took a toll, really struggled with parts of this one. I had planned to have this ready yesterday but some areas I had to do over and over, I usually am pretty calm and easy going but I just about tossed this one out of my studio window, luckily the painting didn't , just a brush or two. LOL.

I thought about refining this painting a little more but decided that it's done, trying to get away from sharp crisp lines. Sorry about the image quality, I just can't seem to get a good colour match with the camera I am using, always seems a bit washed out.


Cups and Bowls
Acrylic Painting 10 x 12

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