Monday, January 03, 2011

brown cup and glass

Not sure what it is exactly but these little brown cups seem to resonate with me, so much so I think I will paint these for a spell with other items of course, I seem to get into a rhythm and these last few paintings haven't taken very long to complete, perhaps this will carry over to some of the other items as I work. In the past I have struggled with colour but not with the last few paintings, I have been very decisive when it comes to putting colour down and haven't had to rework many areas, this tend to have a better outcome for me as I am not getting frustrated and just concentrate on painting.

So today is my last day of vacation, I will try and get another painting done today but my not as it looks as though things are piling up that I need to attend to. Tomorrow is out of the question for painting but after that I have quite a bit of time to devote to my easel.


Title: brown cup with glass -  not very inspiring I know
Acrylic painting 10 x 12

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