Monday, January 31, 2011

Blast from the past

Medium: Watercolor 24 x 34 not for sale

No new painting to post today, instead I thought I would post the very first painting I attempted about 2.5 years ago after 15 years absence. Although I would paint this a little differently today, still pretty good for a first attempt I think anyway, you may think differently however, and that's ok. I got my feet wet with watercolor for the first little while and now have been working solely with Acrylic but may try a few oils in near future.

The reason there isn't a new painting is because I have been reorganizing my studio as I had works all over the place, I put up a bunch of little shelves to get 30 paintings off the floor and more visible for those who visit. I would be interested to find out how other artists store there paintings, as I can't be the only one with storage issues, or maybe I am.

Comments welcome.
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