Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday, thoughts

Well, no painting to post today, although I am working on one at the moment, but in the early stages and should have something for you possibly today or tomorrow. I have moved away from the blue colour scheme for this one and I think I will continue working in various colour schemes for a while, really helps me out quite a bit and I see my art improving which each painting.

I hope you and your family had a great Christmas day, mine was good, My wife's family was over and we had a nice turkey dinner of which we have been eating ever since, except for yesterday when we visited with my Lovely Aunt and Uncle. I decided to give her a paintings, the green apple study that I did earlier this year. She was so moved and was almost in tears. It surprises me the reactions i get when I give someone some of my work. Very nice to see.

There comes a time when most artist start to sell their work, for various reasons of course as with anything. Materials cost money and time and of course to be able to continue working and I think this is my time to consider selling my paintings, I have quite a backlog piling up and I have to start making room for new paintings that will no doubt come along. Currently I don't have many visitors to my blog and have to find a way to increase traffic to my site and of course look into setting up a buy now feature, anyway more to come on this topic I am sure.

Well back to work.
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