Sunday, December 05, 2010


Hey folks, how are we on this fine Sunday evening?

 Below is my latest work, this is the first time I have tried to paint anything with this much transparency, I spent a few hours a day over the last 4 days or so painting this. and it sure made me thirsty as I love this stuff. As I was painting this subject I found it difficult to stay loose, as the subject matter seemed to be forcing me to really detailed and accurate, this turned into a tug of war. Even now as I look at it I see a few things some shapes that could have been defined a little better but I am not going to worry about it, I know I can and that's enough.

Overall I consider this one a success, as I said I haven't really tried painting glass very much, so this is a good first attempt for me. Still struggling with what's in my mind and what comes out onto the canvas, but I guess this is what every painter goes through, wondering if this needs a second attempt using a different technique say with a palette knife or larger brushes so I don't end up getting bogged down in the details.

Today I framed my painting of the lillies that I worked on a few months back, found a pre-made frame today mounted it on my wall and it looks great in the living room, next month I am going to enter it in a juried show here in town, would be nice to see it hanging in a gallery somewhere, wish me luck.

I was wondering what other artist do when they photograph their work, mine never seems to come out that great.

As always comments welcome

Title "awful Stuff"
Acrylic painting 10 x 12

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