Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Study in Red

As promised here is my latest work.

This set out quite nicely and my subject and I were getting along great and paint was flying magically onto the canvas, so you know something had to go wrong, halfway through things just took a turn for the worse and it was a bitter fight to the end. overall it turned out fine but I must have lost my focus somewhere, must have been daydreaming, for when I stepped back from the canvas, I thought what the heck,. From that point on it was more of a recovery than anything else. I did manage to get back to a point that I was satisfied with so I was able to continue painting but it was close.

Every painting I do goes through a phase where I want to toss it across the room but I don't usually. But I have in the past, which was pretty satisfying, but I do go and pick them up and continue on.

Anyway more about this piece, not sure if you can tell, but the top of the glass has a gold rim which proved to be rather difficult to capture, I think the problem was with my observation and what I thought it should be. Gold should be gold colour right? but when I looked at it appeared very dark with warm highlights, like yellow and orange but I couldn't convince myself to paint it that way. I think I got a happy medium of what I saw and what I actually put on the canvas. Overall the glass turned out fine but there was still a disconnect between what I saw and what I painted, this happens when I loss focus and don't believe my eyes. Colour mixing wasn't an issue for me with this painting. which I am happy about.

Now you may think I don't like this painting, but that isn't true, I do like it and I especially like that the objects are not 100% accurate and the deep red shadows, this works for me. I also like the coffee cup, really nice to paint and it seemed to come together rather quickly as it is really simplified.

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10 x 12 Acrylic painting
Study in Red
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