Monday, December 13, 2010

Orange still-life

Well our first real taste of winter has arrived, not a lot of snow but -12 C but with windchill feels like -22 C. So with that in mind I thought it perhaps paint something with a warm summer feeling so here is my latest painting, orange still life, I turned this out pretty fast for me I would say around 5 hours, I would have been done sooner but I wasn't happy with the first attempt with the orange, didn't seem right so I painted it over and the 2nd attempt was even worse, go figure. My wife brought it home for me on Friday to paint the colour was so rich she said that I had to paint it. She was right of course.

I noticed since I have started painting again for my break that I have been a lot looser and very painterly, which is great, finally getting away from illustration style paintings. I haven't been spending much time worry about the details and just letting the paint flow, which I really enjoy hopefully this is a start of something good.

In my last post I mentioned I was looking to enter a juried show in January, I was thinking of entering my painting of the lilies I did a while back but now I am not so sure, I may need a bit of help, I can only enter something painted in 2010, while I like the lilies and it is quite large and would show well in a gallery setting I am just wondering if it is my best work perhaps I should consider entering one of my latest paintings, any thoughts of suggestions would be appreciated.

Cheers and enjoy

Acrylic painting, Orange Still life 10 x 12

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