Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blue cups

Hi Folks,

Here is my latest work, these cups I found at the thrift shop, as I said before I love going there and picking up things to paint, I set this up yesterday and didn't get around to painting this afternoon, really surprised at how quickly this one came together for me. I think my last couple of paintings really helped me out more than I had thought, seemed to be easier for me to decipher colors and values with this one.

What I am pleased with most though is I didn't have struggle to much with this one so I didn't have to rework any area too much, which didn't end up with areas being built up too much.

Another successful painting for me at least in my eyes. Tomorrow I am going to do something similar with a few changes of course so watch this space for for another update soon.


Blue cups 10 x12 Acrylic painting.

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