Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blue cups 2

I love these little cups I picked up at the thrift store, Although photographing the finished piece has been problematic but I am working on it, I have tried taken pictures outside which tends to work a lot better but these days their isn't much day light it is difficult, not sure how oil paint fairs but with acrylic paint, the more pigment the colour has the more shiny it becomes.

Well this is version 2 of my blue and I decided to add a few objects with them, I found myself daydreaming a bit and not very focused sometimes and would have to snap myself out of it. The brown jar was awesome to paint, love the rich colors and the highlights turned out great, learning quite a bit about reflections lately and local colour. Seems I had forgotten a few things since my college days. Before I can start another subject I have to get to the art store seems that all the canvases I picked up last time are all gone.

I have another painting in mind to do which will be a little larger the 10 x 12 but really liked painting the brown jar as I said so maybe this one deserves it own canvas first.

Anyway enjoy
Blue Cups with jar Acrylic 10 x12

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