Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little Romanian cups

A few years back when my lovely wife and I were in Hungary we took a day trip to Romania and we bought these little cups including a wooden tree to hang them on, completely forgot about them as they were hidden in a closet all these years and just happen upon them the other day. Love these little things

The other day I was searching some artists blogs and read one about an oil painter taking about how much working time he had so it didn't really worry about how things looked at first when he was blocking in colour as the oil could be pushed around even long after it had been put down on the canvas, got me thinking. Currently I am using acrylic paint and one of the limitations is the the paint dries so quickly there isn't much working time at all, so today I decided to add a bit of water to thin it out a touch and give me a few more minutes to play around a bit. almost like a light going on, the extra time gave me a lot more time to experiment which turned out to be a lot more fluid for me. This painting took about 3 hours from start to finish, probably the quickest painting I have turned out in the last few years and it has a nice quality to it. I think in the next few weeks I will pick up some oil based paints and give it a try.


Title: 3 little brownies
Acrylic painting 10 x 12

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Study in Red

As promised here is my latest work.

This set out quite nicely and my subject and I were getting along great and paint was flying magically onto the canvas, so you know something had to go wrong, halfway through things just took a turn for the worse and it was a bitter fight to the end. overall it turned out fine but I must have lost my focus somewhere, must have been daydreaming, for when I stepped back from the canvas, I thought what the heck,. From that point on it was more of a recovery than anything else. I did manage to get back to a point that I was satisfied with so I was able to continue painting but it was close.

Every painting I do goes through a phase where I want to toss it across the room but I don't usually. But I have in the past, which was pretty satisfying, but I do go and pick them up and continue on.

Anyway more about this piece, not sure if you can tell, but the top of the glass has a gold rim which proved to be rather difficult to capture, I think the problem was with my observation and what I thought it should be. Gold should be gold colour right? but when I looked at it appeared very dark with warm highlights, like yellow and orange but I couldn't convince myself to paint it that way. I think I got a happy medium of what I saw and what I actually put on the canvas. Overall the glass turned out fine but there was still a disconnect between what I saw and what I painted, this happens when I loss focus and don't believe my eyes. Colour mixing wasn't an issue for me with this painting. which I am happy about.

Now you may think I don't like this painting, but that isn't true, I do like it and I especially like that the objects are not 100% accurate and the deep red shadows, this works for me. I also like the coffee cup, really nice to paint and it seemed to come together rather quickly as it is really simplified.

Comments welcome,

10 x 12 Acrylic painting
Study in Red

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday, thoughts

Well, no painting to post today, although I am working on one at the moment, but in the early stages and should have something for you possibly today or tomorrow. I have moved away from the blue colour scheme for this one and I think I will continue working in various colour schemes for a while, really helps me out quite a bit and I see my art improving which each painting.

I hope you and your family had a great Christmas day, mine was good, My wife's family was over and we had a nice turkey dinner of which we have been eating ever since, except for yesterday when we visited with my Lovely Aunt and Uncle. I decided to give her a paintings, the green apple study that I did earlier this year. She was so moved and was almost in tears. It surprises me the reactions i get when I give someone some of my work. Very nice to see.

There comes a time when most artist start to sell their work, for various reasons of course as with anything. Materials cost money and time and of course to be able to continue working and I think this is my time to consider selling my paintings, I have quite a backlog piling up and I have to start making room for new paintings that will no doubt come along. Currently I don't have many visitors to my blog and have to find a way to increase traffic to my site and of course look into setting up a buy now feature, anyway more to come on this topic I am sure.

Well back to work.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blue cups 2

I love these little cups I picked up at the thrift store, Although photographing the finished piece has been problematic but I am working on it, I have tried taken pictures outside which tends to work a lot better but these days their isn't much day light it is difficult, not sure how oil paint fairs but with acrylic paint, the more pigment the colour has the more shiny it becomes.

Well this is version 2 of my blue and I decided to add a few objects with them, I found myself daydreaming a bit and not very focused sometimes and would have to snap myself out of it. The brown jar was awesome to paint, love the rich colors and the highlights turned out great, learning quite a bit about reflections lately and local colour. Seems I had forgotten a few things since my college days. Before I can start another subject I have to get to the art store seems that all the canvases I picked up last time are all gone.

I have another painting in mind to do which will be a little larger the 10 x 12 but really liked painting the brown jar as I said so maybe this one deserves it own canvas first.

Anyway enjoy
Blue Cups with jar Acrylic 10 x12

Welcome to winter.

Title says it all, although it nice outside now, but I am sure this will change.

Started a new painting yesterday, didn't get too far as I been feeling a bit under the weather the last few days and my heart just wasn't that into it, but today is a new day and although I am not 100%, I am excited to get cracking on it today. I am using the same cups from my last post but I have added a few more items. Perhaps I can finish this one off today but it may be tomorrow. Over the last little while I have been framing some of my pieces and hanging them around the house and I must admit they look pretty good in frames, so happy. I also noticed the the last paintings I have done since taking some time off really look quite painterly and loose compared to some of my earlier work, although I am still struggling with colours a bit, it isn't nearly as hard as it has been in the past, I tend to be more focused and observe far better this time around.

Anyway better get at it


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blue cups

Hi Folks,

Here is my latest work, these cups I found at the thrift shop, as I said before I love going there and picking up things to paint, I set this up yesterday and didn't get around to painting this afternoon, really surprised at how quickly this one came together for me. I think my last couple of paintings really helped me out more than I had thought, seemed to be easier for me to decipher colors and values with this one.

What I am pleased with most though is I didn't have struggle to much with this one so I didn't have to rework any area too much, which didn't end up with areas being built up too much.

Another successful painting for me at least in my eyes. Tomorrow I am going to do something similar with a few changes of course so watch this space for for another update soon.


Blue cups 10 x12 Acrylic painting.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter coming, can feel it my knee.

Just setting up for my next painting, going to get away from white objects for the time being, learned a lot and I think I will try something similar but in a different colour range. Just got back from a trip to the Thrift shop and picked up of few things that peaked my interest, love going there, can get some really cool stuff. Can't wait to get started.

Christmas is upon us, not sure how much time I will get in the next week but I do have the week between Christmas and New Year's off, which I am really looking forward to spending a lot of quality time in front of my easel. Gotta stock up on paint and canvases.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hmmm Coffee.

I have been on a tear lately, this is my latest painting which is my 7th in the last month.

Some of which I haven't posted, as I have been debating whether or not to upload them. 1 is still in the works and  2 others I started but wasn't exactly thrilled with and just tossed them aside, I still have them and keep them close at hand for a reminder of how things can go terribly wrong in an instant.

With this painting I was trying objects of the same color range, the coffee cup is a warm white, same as the cloth almost the same colour, the jar is a cool white. The lighting is a single spot light. I thought this would be a nice challenge for me.

Although I wanted to have the objects of the same colour I thought I needed a little something so I added some coffee.

I really like this one for a few reasons, 1 is I started and finished this today, which I think is a first for me. The 2nd thing is usually I set up the still life and take a photo of it for reference, for colour and so on. today the camera was not around so I have to figure it all out on my own. 3rd is the shapes are not perfect and that's ok with me. If only my object drawing teacher could hear me now. LOL!

This is the second time I have painted this little white jar and I must say this one turned out better, still some work to do with white objects but I am getting closer.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Orange still-life

Well our first real taste of winter has arrived, not a lot of snow but -12 C but with windchill feels like -22 C. So with that in mind I thought it perhaps paint something with a warm summer feeling so here is my latest painting, orange still life, I turned this out pretty fast for me I would say around 5 hours, I would have been done sooner but I wasn't happy with the first attempt with the orange, didn't seem right so I painted it over and the 2nd attempt was even worse, go figure. My wife brought it home for me on Friday to paint the colour was so rich she said that I had to paint it. She was right of course.

I noticed since I have started painting again for my break that I have been a lot looser and very painterly, which is great, finally getting away from illustration style paintings. I haven't been spending much time worry about the details and just letting the paint flow, which I really enjoy hopefully this is a start of something good.

In my last post I mentioned I was looking to enter a juried show in January, I was thinking of entering my painting of the lilies I did a while back but now I am not so sure, I may need a bit of help, I can only enter something painted in 2010, while I like the lilies and it is quite large and would show well in a gallery setting I am just wondering if it is my best work perhaps I should consider entering one of my latest paintings, any thoughts of suggestions would be appreciated.

Cheers and enjoy

Acrylic painting, Orange Still life 10 x 12

Sunday, December 05, 2010


Hey folks, how are we on this fine Sunday evening?

 Below is my latest work, this is the first time I have tried to paint anything with this much transparency, I spent a few hours a day over the last 4 days or so painting this. and it sure made me thirsty as I love this stuff. As I was painting this subject I found it difficult to stay loose, as the subject matter seemed to be forcing me to really detailed and accurate, this turned into a tug of war. Even now as I look at it I see a few things some shapes that could have been defined a little better but I am not going to worry about it, I know I can and that's enough.

Overall I consider this one a success, as I said I haven't really tried painting glass very much, so this is a good first attempt for me. Still struggling with what's in my mind and what comes out onto the canvas, but I guess this is what every painter goes through, wondering if this needs a second attempt using a different technique say with a palette knife or larger brushes so I don't end up getting bogged down in the details.

Today I framed my painting of the lillies that I worked on a few months back, found a pre-made frame today mounted it on my wall and it looks great in the living room, next month I am going to enter it in a juried show here in town, would be nice to see it hanging in a gallery somewhere, wish me luck.

I was wondering what other artist do when they photograph their work, mine never seems to come out that great.

As always comments welcome

Title "awful Stuff"
Acrylic painting 10 x 12