Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Be back sooon

Hi Folks busy working around the house so I haven't painted anything since my last post. Hopefully soon.

I had a major PC crash so I have been spending most of my time backing up files and moving them over to a new computer, my monitor, cpu and hard drive all crapped out at the same time, maybe I had a power spike or something, not sure exactly what happen. I had to work on the hard drive for 2 days so that I could access the information on it. currently setting up the new pc and getting all the info off the old one, sure is taking a long time.

Usually I am the one that receives tech questions from people as I have a pretty good knowledge of pc's so  when mine crapped out I was on my own for this one. Fortunately I have 2 hard drives and most of my files where safe but let this be a lesson for everybody, backup your files regularly.

This includes emails and password files and bookmarks, as programs can be reinstalled but if you lose your personal stuff it's gone for good. Anyway enough of that.

Last Weekend, My wife and I drove to Niagara on the lake, we also went to the butterfly Conservatory, Really great day, saw thousands of butterflies and I was really amazed with the amount of parks and places to see in the region, I would really love to take my paints down there and paint the landscape for a couple of weeks, maybe next year I can schedule something.

Until next time