Saturday, July 17, 2010

Green Apple Study

Well here it is, my latest work,
Green Apple Study
9 x 12 Acrylic

I started this painting last week, I think on Sunday, I wasn't going to post this one but thought better of it, I actually saved this one, well for the most part anyway, I almost through this out the window today, came close the window was close so it just bounced off and came back at me, guess it wasn't quite ready to stop beating up on me.

I must have painted over the left side of the apple 10 times and each time it was getting farther and farther away from what I wanted, I had a similar experience when I painted a pair last winter, maybe it has something to do with the color range of these items, I have a hard time determining the colors in light greens and yellows, I may have mentioned this before in a earlier post, maybe for my next painting I should pick something that is in a warmer color range maybe a plum or something of that nature, to get some confidence back.

Round 1 goes to the Apple. Rematch to be set at a later date.


Thursday, July 08, 2010


Looks like I am on a roll again, I have a busy day tomorrow so I my not be able to get back to easel for a few days but until then.

This is a painting I started near the end of last year and it has been kicking around since then, it was almost complete but the subjects of this have long since been eaten, Yum.

So rather than just forget about this one and reuse the canvas for something I decided to finish this as best as I could. I liked where I had left off, when I first started this the colors we very lame, very little contrast so I pumped up the saturation a little.


10 x 12 Acrylic painting

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Lemons and such

10 x 12 Acrylic painting.

This took quite a bit of work coming up with some realistic colors, must have spent 2 days trying many different color combos until I came up with something I liked. The lilies I painted last was 3ft x 2ft and took about 5 days to paint, so you would figure a painting 10 x 12 would take maybe a day at the most but I think I spent 2 full days on it, weird, granted most if that time was finding the right color like I said.

This is my 2nd attempt at lemons, feel I am getting closer with this one and overall I am pleased with the final image, not exactly what I had in my mind but I like it. Painterly as my painting instructor use to say.

Comments welcome.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Lillies final

Well here it is in all it's glory, made the final touches this morning, sorry I didn't take any more photos, was too involved to stop, it gets like that sometimes. I perhaps could do more but I am at the point where I think I could do more harm then good, so I have stopped and have signed this one. Overall I am pleased with this.

As I said this will be a series but I am going to put off doing the next, as I have something else in mind for this week.

Cheers and feedback is always welcome.

Acrylic painting 24 inches x 36 inches

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Lillies getting getting closer

So here is the latest update, I reverted back to the original background colour, the dark grey just wasn't working, the blue really makes it pop I think. Next step is working on the small details, maybe later today, but this year my wife and I have been working on some landscaping around the house and it looks like today will be no different, lots of new flowers to paint soon.


Friday, July 02, 2010

Lillies getting near the end

Hope all my Canadian friends had a great day yesterday.

Well painting continues,  As you can see I am progressing, it's more then a struggle but I am not giving up.;)

 I like the movement in this painting, there was a point yesterday when I thought about starting over, that happens with every painting I do but I managed to work past that again.the flowers petals are almost complete just some minor tweaking I believe but this will have to wait as I do some other details and save it for the final stage.

I will post more later
Til then have a great day.