Sunday, June 27, 2010

Working on sketches for my next painting.

Thanks for your patience.

I have found my next subject, I feel a large painting coming on and as I have not painted in a while I will be started today I think this time I will document my process for all to see, have never made anything larger than than 30 x 20 or so, should be a great learning experience, wish me luck.

Until I have something to post here are a few painting from last summer.

The first is a Acrylic still life at 16 x 20.

I never was able to finish this one,  as the carrots turned black on me within a day so they aren't as finalized as say the orange and plum, but still learned a lot from this painting.

The Second is also a Acrylic painting at 16 x 20

Red pepper.

Enjoyed this one and it turned all right, still as I progress I am sure I will revisit peppers again, love the look of them.

Anyway til next time
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