Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A few blasts from the past.

Hi Folks, Happy March. Spring is just around the corner.

I have been too busy of late and haven't had the chance to get in front of my easel, it's been since early December since I painted anything, and unusually long time for me, I have had a few things come up, one of my Favorite Aunt's passed away quite suddenly 2 weeks ago so I was a away for an entire week and have been quite sad as she was 1 in a million. I have also been doing a few jobs outside of the city where I have no access to a computer at all and spotty cell phone reception, scenery is great , but alas I forgot to pack my camera and no time to paint anything, silly me.

So anyway here a few paintings from the vault, both of which grow in the small garden in our backyard, the first is a rose mallow, the flower that grows is quite large and is a great deep burgundy with bright red highlights and last for about a day or so but constantly blooms throughout the summer, one of my favorites. This was my very first attempt at painting a flower and for the longest time I wouldn't have even considered painting one as I thought the subject matter was a bit girly, LOL, but I got past that. The colors are quite striking in this one

Rose Mallow
Acrylic painting 20 x 24

Once I finished the 1st painting, I was really happy with the overall feel and brilliance I thought I would tackle another flower. The second is of a Rose of Sharon tree we have in the garden as well, it's still young so the tree isn't that big yet but the flowers are in abundance all season,  Another on of my favs. The lighting with this one was on a overcast day so keeping the painting from looking flat was a challenge but I am happy with the result, both of these remind me of some of Emily Carr's work, once spring has come around I think I will try my hand at a few more. Until next time, Enjoy!

Rose of Sharon
Acrylic painting 20 x 24